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Hills Excellence in Business Awards 2008

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Selection Services

The biggest mistake in recruitment is to hire individuals for their skill and find they do not fit the culture of the organisation nor the behaviour required for the job.

Step 1: Customised Service

As with training, we first get to understand our customer’s organisation, its culture and the behaviours required or the Job.

Step 2: Assessment Process

To avoid the Square Peg in Round hole syndrome, it is critical to assess the individual’s behavioural fit to the position which is where Corporate Plus specialises.

Step 3: Structured Reporting

The outcome of a rigorous interview and series of tests is the presentation in an easy to understand and to the point candidate report.

Step 4: Reference Checking

To depend on referees provided by candidates is insufficient. Corporate Plus has years of experience in delving further to determine a candidates background. Furthermore, subject to the particular position, Corporate Plus offer to conduct a thorough background check including police records through an alliance company.

Step 5: Replacement Guarantee

Corporate Plus is so confident of our Assessment Process that we are able to offer a six month Replacement Guarantee with cost recovery for agreed advertising expenditure.

Step 6: Cost Effectiveness

Because Corporate Plus provide holistic HR Consultancy Service, including Assessment and Outplacement, we are able to offer a very cost effective recruitment alternative.