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DISC Profiling Introduction

So what's DISC all about?

DISC is a tool for describing how people behave. It can help you to:

  • Know yourself and gain an insight into the people you deal with and how to interact with them more effectively
  • Be a better communicator and team player
  • Consider your behavioural match to the career you choose
  • Improve your organisation’s productivity
  • Improve your personal relationships
  • and much more...
Quote from the London Times: We hire for skills, we fire for behaviour

Discover Yourself Profiles: Our DISC Solution

Discover Yourself Profiles logo

Discover Yourself Profiles is our own DISC profiling solution. When we developed it, our first goal was simplicity.

We believe that it's important to strike the right balance between detail and accessibility. That's why our profiles are written in plain and easily understood language. At the same time, we have focussed on accurately desribing the individual's behaviour, as well as capturing the general "spirit" of a person's profile, based on its shape.

Want to know more about the fundamentals of DISC profiling? Download this simple overview of DISC (PDF 0.9MB) or find out more about the history of DISC.

DISC products and services

We offer a range of DISC profiling products and services through Discover Yourself Profiles. The range includes:

Self-score book for DISC profiling

A fun do-it-yourself solution which provides a thorough introduction to DISC. Readers complete the included DISC questionnaire and are guided through the process of drawing their own DISC graphs. Readers then interpret their profile by comparing it to the 48 included master profiles.

This solution is ideal for DISC profiling in training situations, or for use at home. Read more.

Coming soon: online questionnaire management

Issue and manage questionnaire to users with our Discover Yourself Profiles online application.

This product is currently still being tested. Email us if you'd like us to let you know when it's ready!

We also offer personalised DISC reporting and team-based DISC profiling

Please contact us for more details.