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DISCover Yourself Profiles Self-score book

The 2nd edition of the self-score book is here!

The new edition has been expanded and improved to provide a more comprehensive introduction to DISC, and a more accurate profile for readers.

Twice as many master profilesExpanded + More accurate

A profile is only as reliable as the source material it's based on. That's why we've doubled the number of master profiles to 48, so that readers can more easily and accurately interpret their profiles.

Understand your profile betterImproved

We've learned that the better a person understands DISC, the better they can understand their profile. With lots of new and improved material, readers are guided through the fundamentals, history and practical applications of DISC, before moving on to producing their own profile.

Go online for extrasNew

For readers particularly interested in DISC, the self-score book now includes pointers to additional DISC resources available on our website.

Plus much more...

There are too many additions and improvements to the book to list here. Take a look for yourself and download the free sample (PDF 1.77MB).

How the self-score book works

There are two versions of the self-score book: one is designed for business, and the other for school and university students. Each edition allows users to produce their own DISC graphs and to obtain a description of their behavioural profile. The entire process is quick, informative, interactive and fun.

Producing a profile takes just three simple steps:

  1. Users complete the DISC questionnaire which is included in the book.
  2. Referring to their answers in the questionnaire, users follow the included instructions to produce a DISC graph which details their behavioural style.
  3. Users can then compare and match their graph shape to a number of typical shapes included in the book, to obtain a detailed description of their behavioural style.

Why use our self-score book?

A modern, comprehensive bookUpdated

Our self-score book includes a unique behavioural job guide, and the included questionnaire is printed on perforated paper which can be torn out for reference.

Designed for your market

The first edition of our book was specially designed for use in the Australian workplace. Subsequent editions have been tailored to address the specific and often subtle needs of a number of markets outside of Australia.

Tailored to your needs

Customers often request that we create specially customised versions of our book, to meet their specific needs. This can range from the cosmetic addition of a corporate logo, to the integration of extra material to be covered in an accompanying training course.

Integrated training and developmentUpdated

The self-score book is the perfect complement to a training and development session, providing opportunities for participant interaction and giving users a step-by-step introduction to the DISC profiling system.

More (and better) support

We provide expert consulting support, unlike the majority of other providers who sell out of America.

Download a sample

Don’t just take our word for it, see how the book works for yourself and download a free sample (PDF 1.77MB).

Note that this sample contains a limited number of pages, and is intended to provide a cross-section of the full content of the book. If you would like to try the book out for yourself, please contact us so that we can send you a free sample.

How to purchase

Please contact us with any inquiries you might have regarding pricing and availability.

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