Program Description


Team Strength, Insight and Strategy


This program develops the communicative skills necessary to working more efficiently and effectively in teams. Using a methodology by which team members report on ideas arising from their experience, which are in turn critically evaluated and built upon by team colleagues, a unique collective knowledge, insight, and cohesion is developed within the group. This communicative dynamic is then utilized to clarify key team issues and to overcome obstacles to success.

The main focus in this course is on developing trust in communications between team members as a basis for optimising team productivity, work quality, creativity, and morale. A recommended option is a confidentiality agreement signed by participants and the facilitator concerning details of team member discourse.

On completion of the workshop participants will be able to:

  • Understand the dynamics of team communication.
  • Understand how other team members think about and relate ideas.
  • Think critically and constructively about the ideas of other team members.
  • Use the ideas of other team members as a starting point for new ideas.
  • Communicate frankly and positively with team members.
  • Address and remove blockages to team motivation and productivity.
  • Appreciate how to maximize their individual contribution to the team.
  • Express unusual or creative ideas.
  • Teams that would like to maximize team efficiency and effectiveness
Attendees A maximum of 16 participants is recommended.
Delivery Style Facilitation; small group knowledge generation; power pauses; group focus sessions.
  • Three two-hour workshops for first “cycle” of the course. (Recommended completion period: within one week).
  •  Follow-up sessions are recommended for continued team support.
  • Three two-hour workshops are advised as part of the “Creating ‘A’ Teams” program.
Prerequisites All members of the work-based team should attend.
  • Room to accommodate the team members at a round table
  • Overhead projector, flipchart and whiteboard