Program Description


The Leadership Challenge

Description Participants will increase their effectiveness by learning new strategies for managing staff issues and priorities. They will understand the role of managers in motivating their team, directing, controlling and planning. They will learn to communicate as a manager and understand human behaviour within the workplace.

On completion of the workshop participants will be able to:

  • Implement a specific plan to apply five leadership practices
  • Lead people to achieve the organisation's objectives
  • Improve people's leadership skills
Key Content
  • Identify the fundamentals of leadership and identify personal leadership style
  • Identify indicators for each of the five leadership styles
  • Identify which leadership style to use with a follower
  • Receive feedback on the strengths and areas for development of personal leadership style
  • Evaluate the appropriateness of a leader's action when handling a performance problem
  • Leadership: To understand the concept of leadership traits and behaviours and appreciate the need for leadership skills
  • Vision: Draft a vision for your team aligned with broader organisational vision and actions to keep the vision alive
  • Processes: To identify processes that need to be challenged in order to achieve departmental vision and objectives
  • Enabling: To identify techniques for empowering others and to detail actions that you can take to enable your people to act in support of the vision
  • Encouragement: To identify actions you can take to encourage your people
  • Modelling: To identify actions you can take to lead by example and model the way
  • Managers and or opinion-leaders.
Attendees Maximum of 12 participants recommended.
Delivery Style Syndicate group work, role-plays, one on one consultation
Duration 1-2 days subject to client specific requirements.
  • Room to accommodate up to 12 people in small clusters of tables or horseshoe shape of chairs
  • Overhead projector, whiteboard, flipchart
  • Small interview room (for the one on one consultations)