Program Description


Sales Negotiation Techniques


Successful selling requires effective negotiation skills. Life is a constant process of Negotiation with friends and family, when shopping and at work. Regardless of your occupation you will be involved in negotiation. If you are customer facing then negotiation skills are that much more critical. Effective negotiation skills can be developed so that they become second nature.

The course helps you to increase your negotiation skills by having a better understanding of your own behavioural style and that of the person you are negotiating with.


On completion of the workshop participants will:

  • Have refreshed their selling skills
  • Have an understanding of their basic behavioural characteristics
  • Have an understanding of a model through which to look at the behaviour of their customers.
  • Negotiate through a sales situation using the stages rehearsed
  • Utilise appropriate negotiation techniques as practised
  • Negotiate more confidently in a conflict situation
  • Know when to discontinue negotiations and to say ‘NO’
Key Content
  • Negotiation defined ‘What do we negotiate about’
  • DISC personal profile analysis
  • The structure of negotiation - the stages involved, techniques and methods, questions to ask, dealing with objections/ confrontations and achieving win/win
  • Putting strategies into practice
Audience Customer facing staff with a focus on selling who:
  • Sell and buy products and services
  • Negotiate inter-departmental agreements
  • Negotiate within the department such as in team meetings
Attendees Maximum of 12 participants recommended.
Delivery Style Syndicate group work, brainstorming and role-plays.
Duration 1-2 days subject to specific client requirement
  • Room large enough to accommodate the team members at a round table
  • Overhead projector, flipchart and whiteboard