Program Description


Running Effective Meetings

Description Meetings running on for too long? Poor agendas? No focus? No clear decisions emerging? This program is designed to provide participants with the skills to improve the quality of meetings they conduct. It will help them achieve the objectives of the meeting in a minimum amount of time and to the satisfaction of the participants.

On completion of the workshop, participants will have:

  • Considered DISC behavioural styles and their implications for the running of effective meetings.
  • Considered meeting procedures and established a preferred format.
  • Developed facilitation skills to help ensure meetings are chaired more effectively.
Key Content
  • Select and use an appropriate leadership style.
  • Establish the meeting purpose.
  • Agree on agenda, time, objective and ground rules.
  • Utilise appropriate strategies to keep the meeting on track.
  • Suspend judgement and explore alternatives.
  • Work towards group consensus where knowledge is fragmented and decisions must be supported.
  • Insist on action commitments that are specific in terms of participantsí roles and responsibilities.
  • Evaluate each meeting with the intent of soliciting positive improvement steps for future meetings.
  • Managers, supervisors, team leaders, or anyone who is responsible for organising and leading meetings on a regular basis.
Attendees Maximum of 12 participants recommended.
Delivery Style Facilitated workshop including individual participative exercises and group discussions.
Duration 1-2 days, subject to specific client requirements.

All participants should bring:

  • An agenda for a meeting in their own format.
  • Their diary.
  • A room large enough to accommodate up to 12 people at tables set up in small groups or a horseshoe shape.
  • Overhead projector, flipchart, whiteboard