Program Description


Influencing Skills


This program is designed to help participants better understand their own behaviour as well as that of others including; team members, subordinates, superiors, customers and suppliers.

Social Behavioural interaction is covered using the DISC model. This is the building block of the program providing an architecture for looking at each individual’s behavioural style, the style of others and how best to interact with people and thereby influence them. It covers the behavioural indicators as to whether there is agreement with your position and strategies for positioning oneself in order to shift the interaction to one of agreement with your position.

Objectives On completion of the workshop participants will:
  • Understand the needs and value of self assessment
  • Recognise the behavioural style of others
  • Understand the fears and motivations of individuals
  • Appreciate the value of integrity when persuading other
  • Demonstrate practical flexibility in dealing with others
  • Improve communication skills including Listening, Empathy and Questioning
  • Shift away from ‘demand’ behaviour to ‘influence’ behaviour
  • Use strategies to deal with difficult behaviours
  • Demonstrate negotiation techniques aiming to achieve better outcomes
  • Consider options where influencing skills do not appear to be working.
Key Content
  • Fundamentals of influencing others.
  • Personal image and its effect on influencing others
  • Basic selling skills as related to influencing others
  • Dealing with difficult situations.
  • Employees who need to increase their personal influence at the same time enhancing personal relationships.
Attendees Maximum of 12 participants recommended.
Delivery Style Brainstorming, group discussions, observation and feedback.
Duration 1-2 days subject to the amount of tailoring required.
  • Room large enough to accommodate up to 12 people.
  • Overhead projector, whiteboard, flipchart.