Program Description


Increasing Employees Results
(Management Training)

Description Participants will develop skills for improving the effectiveness of their employees by learning new strategies for setting staff objectives, managing staff issues and priorities and motivating staff to achieve those objectives.

On completion of the workshop participants will be able to:

  • To provide a good practical foundation for delegation
  • To refresh the skills of those currently in management roles
  • To critically assess demands and limitations which are placed on employees
  • To understand the importance of self management
  • To gain an insight into the behavioural styles that appear in the workplace
  • To understand the wider picture and the essentials of business management
Key Content
  • Setting objectives to achieve KRAs and goals
  • Delegation in the context of career planning
  • Autocratic and democratic management
  • Leadership by control and leadership by motivation
  • Employee development plans
  • Leading and motivating
  • People skills and behaviours
  • Employee reviews and interviews
  • Employee counselling
  • Team building and managing relationships
  • Problem solving and decision making
Also Covered
  • Appropriate employee self development
  • Managing information in the office
  • Effective communication with employees both written and spoken
  • Mentoring
  • Managing your and your employees health
  • Stress at work
  • Analysing jobs and recruitment
  • Performance appraisal
  • Managers & supervisors needing to increase the productivity of their people.
Attendees Maximum of 12 participants recommended.
Delivery Style Syndicate group work, brainstorming, role-plays, case studies, observation and feedback.
Duration 2 days subject to customers requirement for adaptation and preferably residential