Program Description


Facilitating Change

Change is a becoming a way of life in business. This change is apparent both inside and outside of organisations. This program is designed to provide participants with the opportunity to consider the change in their life, what it is caused by and whether it is positive. The program considers the impact of this changing environment and teaches techniques for preparing for change and coping with it including stress management techniques

Upon completion of this program participants will have:

  • View change from a positive perspective
  • Analysed their own behavioural styles and determined ways to modify their style to be more effective in dealing with change
  • Considered future career path definition
  • Evaluation of stress indicators and/or job discord
  • Appraised strengths & limitations
  • Practised problem-solving and conflict resolution techniques
  • Practised stress management techniques
  • Practised creative thinking as a technique for solving business problems
  • Completed a personal action plan
Key Content
  • Briefing and discussion on behavioural profile
  • The change process both public & private sector
  • Consider the implications of behaviour on handling change
  • Brainstorm the key issues as related to the change taking place
Employees who need to increase their understanding of why change is becoming a way of life, why it is a positive experience and how to cope with it.
A maximum of 12 participants is recommended
Delivery Style
  • Completion of a Personality Profile Analysis (PPA) form.
  • Syndicate group work, role-plays, one on one consultation
1-2 days subject to customerís specific requirements.
  • Room large enough to accommodate up to 12 people
  • Overhead projector, whiteboard, flipchart
  • Small interview room (for the one on one consultations