Program Description


Effective Communication Skills


Good communication skills are essential in the information age. Effective communication has many elements starting with personal image. The first impression an employee gives sets the scene for effective communications. Thereafter, all aspects of behaviour play their role including telephone and business writing skills, listening skills and the spoken word. This program will help participants identify ways to improve their communication skills in all respects including:

  • Written communications
  • Body language
  • Spoken communications
  • The image a person projects


Objectives On completion of the workshop participants will be able to:
  • Define elements of good communication
  • Understand the components of good communication
  • Develop strategies to promote effective communication
  • Identify personal barriers to effective communication
  • Consider cultural differences in communication
  • Practice skills, contributing to effective personal communication.
Key Content
  • Practice skills, which contribute to effective personal communication.
  • Understand differences in different forms of communication.
  • Analyse underlying causes of miscommunication in difficult situations
  • Enhanced ability of listening, empathy and questioning
  • Application of the communication skills of responsive listening, effective questioning and appropriate empathy statements
  • Identification of barriers to effective communication and techniques for improving listening skills
  • Importance of non-verbal behaviours.
  • Characteristics of assertive and non-assertive behaviour and the impact they may have on effective communication
  • Employees who need to learn to improve their overall communications skills.
Attendees Maximum of 12 participants recommended.
Delivery Style Syndicate group work, brainstorming, role-plays, group discussions, observation and feedback
Duration 1-2 days subject to customisation required










Key Content:




  • A maximum of 12 participants is recommended

Delivery Style:



  • None