Program Description


D Stress Tactics

Description Participants will be able to identify the real sources of stress in their lives, develop coping mechanisms and techniques for achieving positive mental habits. Recognise the warning signs of stress and develop strategies for healthy coping compatible with their lifestyles.
Objectives On completion participants should be able to identify:
  • Sources of stress in your life
  • Your own and others coping mechanism
  • Functional and dysfunctional stress
  • A range of techniques for achieving positive mental habits
  • Warning signs in yourself and others of dysfunctional stress
  • Strategies for healthy coping compatibility with lifestyle
Key Content
  • Recognise and acknowledge present and potential effects of stress
  • Decide whether you can and are willing to do something about the stress
  • Positive actions not reactions to stress
  • Understanding work stress
  • Determine where you are on the stress scale
  • The importance of balance
  • Determine which coping strategies work for you
  • Employees not sure how to recognise the effects of stress and what to do about it.
Attendees A maximum of 16 participants is recommended
Delivery Style Syndicate group work, brainstorming, and group discussions.
Duration 1 day subject to client specific requirement.
Prerequisites A willingness to learn a new way of understanding stress and coping with it
Pre-work Consider situations which are causing stress in your life and why.
  • Room large enough to accommodate up to 16 people in small clusters of tables or horseshoe shape of chairs.
  • Overhead projector, whiteboard and flipchart.