Program Description


Delegation Skills

Description This program develops delegation skills by using the 5 characteristics of the Kurt Lewin leadership styles. A key element of this model is the "Behavioural Leadership Styles" used in the program. Designed to empower people with the confidence and skills to operate independently in solving problems, resolving disputes and managing change effectively.

On completion of the workshop participants will be able to:

  • Measure their Leadership Style using the Behavioural Leadership Styles Model
  • Measure their Delegation Quotient (readiness to delegate)
  • Facilitate delegation such that employees are self reliant and function independently
  • Use a checklist when giving/receiving a delegation to ensure that nothing is omitted
  • Complete an action plan designed to increase their delegation effectiveness
Key Content
  • Overview of what are the characteristics of leadership
  • Review of delegation characteristics and how to develop them regardless f ones own personal style
  • Understand the importance of and develop skills in clear communications techniques for effective in leadership
  • Understand the importance of assertiveness in developing effective leadership
  • Utilise and coach employees in the use of problem solving techniques
  • Develop facilitation skills necessary for effectively running meetings , notably for operating a chairperson
  • Utilise a facilitation process to ensure members of the teamís viewpoints are elicited and given due credence
Audience Prospective and current managers as well as any personnel who need to influence others in improving their job performance.
Attendees Maximum of 12 participants recommended.
Delivery Style Syndicate group work, brainstorming, and role-plays.
Duration 1-3 days subject to specific customer requirements
  • Room accommodate in participants small clusters of tables
  • Overhead projector, flipchart, whiteboard