Program Description


Creating ‘A’ Teams


This program develops the skills needed to work more effectively in teams. It uses a DISC based behaviour profiling tool to provide participants with a framework through which to consider how people interact with each other. This helps develop an understanding of the dynamics of behavioural interaction within teams, departments or groups of people who have a need or desire to work more effectively.

The main focus in this course is on techniques and processes required to increase team productivity, service quality and morale through increased participation by team members. The course is a combination of both indoor and outdoor activities selected to suit specific customer needs and circumstances.



On completion participants will be able to:

  • Understand team dynamics, individual team member roles and behavioural styles
  • Apply this information to their individual teams
  • Identify key elements in team performance planning
  • Identify skills available within the team and those which need development
  • Implement team management basics
Key Content
  • Team Dynamics- work styles and behaviour of team members; team member expectations; skills and concerns; key issues for the team; team development
  • Team Performance Planning- key responsibilities; delegation of tasks; getting the project brief right; available tools and techniques
  • Team Skills- leadership and decision making; handling communication and conflict within the team; reporting functions; meeting management basics
  • Teams that would like to turn into an effective ‘team machine’.
Attendees A maximum of 16 participants is recommended.
Delivery Style Facilitation sessions; questionnaires; brainstorming; role plays; personal profile analysis; group discussions
Duration 1-3 days according to each team’s current situation and achievement levels required.
Prerequisites All members of the work-based team should attend.
  • Room large enough to accommodate the team members at a round table
  • Overhead projector, flipchart and whiteboard