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Services: Overview and Benefits

Service Overview

  • Are you getting the most out of your education?
  • Has the considerable financial cost been worthwhile?
  • Are you motivated to succeed but uncertain about which subjects to choose?
  • Do you have misgivings because you have no idea about which course to pick or the subjects you like appear too hard?

Often the difference between realising your goals and being competitive in today's world, and falling short, comes down to 3 factors: Direction, Ability and Motivation.

Given the ever increasing choice of subjects to study and the tougher competition for places, both identifying (Direction + Ability) and then pursuing (Motivation) a chosen path becomes harder each year. Furthermore, to fulfil your potential requires confidence in your ability and your chosen direction, especially when study becomes pressurised. Confidence in these choices becomes critical. If any one ingredient is missing, then performance suffers.

The unique service offered by Corporate Plus has been designed to resolve these core issues. Its 3 key components are:

  1. Psychological testing of cognitive abilities including thinking style, verbal, numerical and general reasoning to discover the strengths and weaknesses of each individual, and testing of temperament and personality to identity factors that will impact your work environment preferences.
  2. A series of individual coaching and interview sessions to build a complete profile and develop the key areas revealed in the testing process.
  3. Practical advice and information on school options, institutions and courses to help you make informed, smart choices.


  • Reduced stress & financial losses resulting from university drop-outs, course fees and university re-submissions.
  • Boosted all-round confidence resulting from identifying an attractive school/course/career direction at an earlier stage. This may occur during or prior to a crucial academic event (e.g. HSCs), enabling you to focus fully on that event without distraction and dealing with its inherent stresses. You should have have greater confidence in your ability to succeed because of the goals you believe in and are working towards.
  • The end result: Performance matches Potential. Students should no longer be burdened by thoughts of doubt regarding the future course they have chosen to follow or had previously been unable to identify.
  • A more confident student translates into a more confident individual with better interpersonal relationships with family and peers.

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