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Career Coaching

Undecided about what direction, studies or course to take?

Making effective subject or career choices is increasingly difficult. Your subject choices for the HSC will critically influence your tertiary studies and subsequent career options. For students nowadays, making a decision that is ‘right for you’ can be daunting. The wrong choice can result in disillusionment, dropping-out or financial loss, not to mention waste of time, energy and resources!

With the high costs involved in providing a student with a sound education, you want to identify your strengths and limitations. Like all of us, you will want to build on your strengths and avoid choices that expose your weaknesses! Or perhaps you need clarity before deciding a career change?

Corporate Plus offers a solution. Our holistic approach utilizes the most appropriate psychological assessment and coaching methodologies to assist you identify realistic study/career options and develop the confidence to pursue them. Personal interviews and coaching builds on each assessment. Up-to-date advice and support regarding school and studies options, tertiary institutions and courses help you move forward with clear goals in mind.

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