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Books 24x7 Reference Ware

Founded in 1994, Books24x7 is a pioneer in reference ware creation and delivery. The Books24x7 head office is in Norwood, Massachusetts, USA. Corporate Plus has been granted reseller rights by Appcon, the official distributor of Books24x7 in Australia and New Zealand.

Books24x7 is an individualised professional information service that puts the power of the web's finest technical reference libraries at your fingertips. Rely on Books24x7 to:

  • Pinpoint specific answers instantly to time-sensitive problems and issues
  • Brush up on a topic or learn more about a new technology
  • View the entire contents of a printed book prior to purchasing it to ensure it contains the right information

Unabridged, fully electronic versions of top technical and business/management books are made available to users. They are fully searchable and consistently presented.

Books24x7 contains hundreds of "best-of-breed" books from the world's top publishers. New books are constantly added. Every book is hand-picked for Books24x7. The Editorial Board at Books24x7 has distinguished technical writers and authors, who prepare a brief summary and a more detailed synopsis to help you select the most relevant book.

You can subscribe on an annual basis to one of three Collections, ITPro, BusinessPro and Office Essentials.

All Books24x7 Collections offer the following functionality:

  • Browse. Every book is organized by topic and sub-topic. Researching is a snap – two clicks and you're browsing titles.
  • Search. Book content has been prepared for easy searching so you can pinpoint very specific information fast. Search-result indicators guide you directly to the most relevant books, chapters, sections and sub-sections.
  • Lookup. Instantly locate any book in by searching on title, author, ISBN or publisher.
  • Personalization. Create your own personal bookshelf; bookmark and annotate frequently referred-to books.
  • Collaboration. Recommend books to colleagues; share bookmarks and notes. Books24x7's collaboration features make it easy.

Books24x7's "reference ware" solution delivers a powerful integrated learning solution that is an essential component to your courseware investment.

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